1416 Post Road (US Route One) · Wells, Maine 04090 · Phone: (207) 646-3372

As a general dentist I can provide many services. Most dentists choose these services based on their experience, training, profit making ability and the dentists own comfort level.

I enjoy most phases of dentistry and therefore perform most procedures. Those I don’t feel comfortable with I refer out to specialists with more technical expertise. Professionals that I know will give the same excellent service that I give to my patients.

From the start of my practice I knew I wanted to serve a wide population and strove to improve my skills to serve. 

I enjoy:

   v     Restorative dentistry … filling both silver and cosmetic white composites

   v    Cosmetic dentistry … changing your smile economically, and of course bleaching of teeth.

   v     Prosthodontics … crowns, and bridges - both gold and porcelain

   v     Removable Prosthodontics … partial dentures and full dentures. Natural, not artificial looking replacement teeth.

   v     Endodontic dentistry …  root canal treatments

   v     Oral surgery …  extractions

   v     Pediatric dentistry … treating children

 All  of this is done in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, where we are aware and concerned with your expenses.

This is just one example of what can be done to improve a smile for less than $600.00 and in 1 1/2 hours