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If I paid Vicki I couldnt have gotten a better description of myself. I'm almost embarrassed to put this review out there.....but !

Thank Vicki

The BEST dentist! 5 Star Rating - World class

By Vicki H

I found Dr Richheimer through my dental insurance providers list of dentists that accepts and participates in my dental plan.

While I live in Cape Elizabeth,about 45 minutes from Dr Richheimer's office,after my first dental visit I knew I found the perfect dentist.

He is very caring as well as being very thorough! If you have a dental emergency and you are a new patient he does not put you through the torture of a full set of Xrays and cleaning.He will examine the area in question,advise you from there,do his other Xrays and set a plan of action with you.

Not once did he make me feel obligated to abide by his advice,he is very down to earth,he told me what my problem was,we talked options,then he calmed my fears over having a root canal.I must say he made the hour of doing a root canal go quickly and he was so patient with me on my questions and he has been very thorough in my treatment as compared to my last dentist that told me I needed 3 root canals and 1 extraction.With Dr Richheimer concerning those 4 teeth,he performed a root canal,and 3 fillings on those very same teeth the other dentist advised on!

He has a great staff,and his office and waiting area is very cozy,I prefer it because it is a home setting rather than the look and feel of a stark dental office! Please take my word,other dentists may be closer but he is worth the drive.One conversation with him and you will see why!

PROS: He is excellent